Donald Trump and Ted Cruz Rivalry Continues


The rivalry between the real real-estate mogul Donald Trump and Sen. Ted Cruz broke out this week, with the two presidential candidates taking their sharpest jabs at each other. Earlier on Wednesday, Trump had Said “there is no way that Ted Cruz can continue running in the Republican primary” because of the senator’s place of birth, Canada. “Is he allowed to run for president? If he wins, is he allowed to do it? “the Republican front-runner mused at a campaign rally

Though, Cruz has carefully avoided criticizing Trump more than any other candidates, but Cruz could not hold back his silence On Tuesday, he dropped numerous attack lines against Trump. Cruz said Hillary Clinton’s supporters were validating Trump’s Canada argument because they imagined Trump would be easier for her to dispatch in the general election. “And it may be driven by the fact that the polling right now shows Donald loses to Hillary — and loses by a pretty big margin,” Cruz said in an interview. “But I beat Hillary. And I think that’s got the Hillary folks a little bit concerned. And so they’re doing everything they can to amplify Donald’s attacks.”

Trump has been criticizing Cruz’s eligibility to hold the mantle of power as the US president because of his Canadian meanwhile most legal experts believe that Cruz’s American mother means he meets the constitutional requirement that presidents be “natural-born “citizens.


In what many see as a battle of the strong, there are clear indication that the race is going to be unless like a two -man race between Cruz and Trump. The Senator while responding to interview said

“More and more observers are saying this is coming down to a two-man race between Donald and me,. And what we’re seeing is conservatives are uniting behind our campaign, both in Iowa and New Hampshire, and all across the country. And that seems to have really rattled Donald. He’s begun
now every speech for a week with extended attacks directed at me.”

Trump Lacks Knowledge of US Nuclear Policy

Cruz made a claim that Trump lacks idea regarding the US nuclear policy. He said in an interview while he made a connection with the last month’s debate, in which Trump appeared to avoid question about the US system, called a triad, of basing nuclear weapons on land,
aircraft, and submarines.
He said voters are needs to know a relevant issue like that and a potential president must be able to give explanation to it