Donald Trump continues to attack Ben Carson, saying the retired doctor has a “pathological disease”

Donald Trump in Iowa

Donald Trump was at a community college theater in Iowa on Thursday night, trying to convince students that he’s the ideal pick for the White House. But what was supposed to be a dialogue soon turned into a monologue, with Trump fearlessly attacking him opponents, especially Ben Cason, says The Washington Post.

Was something wrong with Mr. Trump?

The evening started in an odd way, with Donald Trump nearly 40 minutes late. According to the same source, his voice was hoarse, his hair mussed and his tone defensive. He just didn’t seem in the mood. The students that were in the theater were expected to ask Trump questions, but the businessman had his way, with a 95-minutes speech, in which he trash talked all this opponents.

He called Republican rival Carly Fiorina “Carly whatever-the-hell-her-name-is,” accused Democratic Hillary Rodham Clinton of playing the “woman’s card” and said Marco Rubio is “weak like a baby”. And Trump didn’t stop there. He then turned his attention to his main rival, former surgeon Ben Carson.

Ben Carson answer didn’t came late

“If I did the stuff he said he did, I wouldn’t be here right now. It would have been over. It would have been over. It would have been totally over. And that’s who’s in second place. And I don’t get it.”, said Donald Trump, quoted by The Washington Post. Trump even said that Carson has a “pathological disease” with no cure, similar to being a child molester.

This situation wouldn’t have surprised us a few months ago, but since then, Donald Trump restrained himself from attacking his opponents and concentrated more on answering policy questions. Therefore, it’s quite strange that Trumo chose to make such a scene in front of a crowd of roughly 1,500 in Fort Dodge, a small industrial town 100 miles northwest of Des Moines.