Donald Trump announces Ben Carson’s endorsement

ben carson endorsement

After he retired from the race for the Republican nomination, everybody was curious to see if former neurosurgeon Ben Carson will endorse a candidate. Today, it happened. Surprisingly or not, Mr. Carson’s choice was no other than Donald Trump, who already welcomed the endorsement.

Apparently, the Republican front-runner is already used with receiving important endorsements and doesn’t care that much about them, otherwise we can’t explain why he totally messed his discourse.

Is Carson the education expert Trump needs?

To be more specific, when welcoming the endorsement, Mr. Trump said that this is going to help him a lot with education issues, because Ben Carson knows so much about them, according to The Washington Post.

“I was most impressed with his views on education. It’s a strength. It’s a tremendous strength,” Trump said. So Ben Carson is “going to be involved with us” particularly on health and education.

The interesting part is that Ben Carson‘s website doesn’t say that much about his views on education, except his “five principles to restore American exceptionalism in our schools.”

Even more, the website says the following: “To be successful, we must take the federal bureaucracy out of education and concentrate on empowering the American people.”

How about an update, Mr. Carson?

On the other side, back in December, the Congress passed a new K-12 education law, reducing federal power over local school decisions. If Ben Carson is such an expert in education, he should have known this and updated his website, right?

And this isn’t the only error found on the website, but in the end, if Donald Trump says that he’s now endorsed by an expert in education issues, his supporters will definitely take this for granted, as they do with most things he say. Or will this be the exception?