Donald Trump ejects man during speech

donald trump criticizes virginia gop

The Republican presidential front-runner, angrily ordered a man to be ejected while making his speech in Windham, New Hampshire. The man who was standing before him, interrupted his speech by shouting ‘This is boring’’ when Trump suggested that Syrian refugees fleeing war in Syria were affiliated with ISIS.

After pausing briefly to take in the man’s words, Trump called for the man to be ejected: “Get him out of here,” he shouted

The man, who was seen putting on a hat with inscription “Make America Great Again” which is the slogan of Trump’s campaign insisted he was an ardent supporter of Trump while being escorted out said “I love Donald but it’s getting a little boring, It’s getting a little boring’ ’reports CNN

This came after a Muslim woman who was protesting silently during Trumps campaign last week was also removed

Trumps targets Democrats Voting cities

Republican front-runner Donald Trump in his quest to win the heart and the votes of the people during the election, has continued his campaign and also moving his campaign train to cities believed to be Democrats voting cities. The business mogul is looking forward to visiting Burlington, Vermont which some considered as Senator Bernie Sanders’ backyard after he had gone to Mississippi and Massachusetts with a huge turnout of supporters

Bernie Sanders tackles Clinton

Sen. Bernie Sanders, who is also a presidential candidate under the umbrella of The Democratic has tackled Hillary Clinton says her aggressive stance against him is because Hilary is nervous that he is beating her in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination.

He said this during a forum that featured all the three Democratic presidential candidates at the Iowa Brown & Black Forum in Des Moines, He added that Hilary may have noticed that that his supporters have more “enthusiasm” than hers while also adding that she may not so inevitable as she could erroneously imagined

Hilary has been attacking Sander especially on issue of that involves his vote to protect gun manufactures from lawsuits