Donald Trump fails to condemn white supremacists, after Charlottesville incidents

charlottesville events

A car ran into a crowd of counter-protesters today, at a white nationalist rally, in Virginia, resulting in at least one fatality. Like expected, president Donald Trump reacted to the situation, condemning ‘violence on many sides’, according to The Guardian, but failed when it came to the main cause of this tragic event.

‘We condemn this egregious display on bigotry and violence on many sides, it’s been going on for a long time in our country, he declared, but things went a bit difference than the administration expected.

Not the reaction everybody was expecting

Donald Trump was immediately accused of failing to denounce white nationalism, as well as speaking about bigotry ‘on many sides’.

The declarations were made just minutes after it was announced that one person has died in the incident.

During his discourse, the president also talked about his predecessor, Barack Obama, claiming that the country has been divided for many years, reason for why unfortunate events like this are still happening.

‘Not Donald Trump, not Barack Obama, it’s been going on a long time,’ Trump added.

When asked about the statement – specifically, about the part about violence ‘on many sides’ – the White House released an official statement as well, then posted in on Twitter.

‘The president was condemning hatred, bigotry and violence from all sources and all sides,’ the statement said. ‘There was violence between protesters and counter protesters today.’

Are the Republicans afraid of something?

Attorney General Jeff Sessions also reacted, but, like Donald Trump, failed to call on the major issues behind the Charlottesville event, white supremacists.

‘We stand united behind the President in condemning the violence in Charlottesville and any message of hate and intolerance,’ he said in a statement.

The President’s lack of reaction in front of domestic terrorism, caused by white supremacists, was constantly accused after the events. We’re looking forward to seeing new declarations soon!