Donald Trump’s foreign policy, criticized by Joe Biden

joe biden to criticize donald trump foreign policy

Even though he won’t be the first one doing this, Vice President Joe Biden is expected to denounce Donald Trump’s proposed foreign policy this Monday, during an afternoon address at a conference in Washington.

According to CNN Politics, the event will focus on setting the national security agenda for the next president, making it the perfect occasion to launch a new set of critics at Trump’s ideas.

Is this how America will be made great again?

“Wielding the politics of fear and intolerance, like proposals to ban Muslims from entering the United States or slandering entire religious communities as complicit in terrorism, calls into question America’s status as the greatest democracy in the history of the world,” Joe Biden is planning to say.

The Vice President’s text doesn’t mention the Republican nominee by name, but it’s more than obvious that it’s a direct attack to his foreign policy strategy.

Another aspect that will be covered in the speech will be Donald Trump’s praise of Russian President Vladimir Putin, whom he calls “a leader, unlike what we have in this country.”

“Embracing Putin at a time of renewed Russian aggression could call into question America’s longstanding commitment to a Europe whole, free and at peace,” Joe Biden mentioned, also adding that dusting off “the Cold War playbook” is far from being appropriate.

Trump’s wall would be more than just ridiculous

Finally, another aspect that will be covered during the speech is Donald Trump’s idea to build a wall between the United States and Mexico. Joe Biden doesn’t ignore the scenario in which this happens, reversing all the progress made in the Western Hemisphere. The Vice President considers that this would allow “a return of anti-Americanism and a corrosive rift throughout our hemisphere.”

Joe Biden is one of the important figures who endorsed Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, but hasn’t appear yet in her campaign trail.