Donald Trump had a bad night, losing the South Carolina debate

ted cruz and donald trump south carolina debate

As stated previously, last night’s South Carolina debate, held in Greenville, was the final confrontation between the state primaries and the two Republican main players, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, were pretty much the only candidates who voters were focusing on.

Now, after the South Carolina debate is consumed, it’s obvious that Saturday wasn’t one of Mr. Trump’s best days, as the Republican front-runner lost the debate.

The beginning of the end for Trump?

According to The Washington Post, this could be just the beginning of Donald Trump’s decline. During the debate, he had a cranky attitude which lead up to boos from the crowd. Also, his discourse sounded more like the one of a Democrat instead of a Republican.

Multiple sources claim that the Republican had only one purpose during the South Carolina debate: blaming George W. Bush. For 9/11, for the Iraq war and so on. The former president has an 87 percent approval rating in the State, so, considering that Donald Trump was aware of this, what he did last night was political suicide.

As for Ted Cruz, his main opponent, he wasn’t in his best form either, but overall, had a decent debate, with good moments. Marco Rubio was one of the night’s pleasant surprises, managing to somehow getting back in the fight for the GOP nomination.

Jeb Bush was stellar

Ok, so if none of the main players impressed, who was the winner of the South Carolina debate? Jeb Bush. The former Florida Governor made his best debate yet, responding beautifully to Donald Trump’s attacks.

“I am sick and tired of him going after my family,” he said. “While Donald Trump was building a reality TV show, my brother was building a security apparatus to keep us safe.”

To sum up, it’s obvious that the South Carolina primary could be vital in deciding the GOP nominee, but for the moment, we can only play the waiting game.