Donald Trump: ‘I’m Very Angry’


The GOP presidential candidate on Wednesday responded to an accusation by the Republican South Carolina governor, Nikki Haley throws jab at him while making comments on the State of the Union address by Barrack Obama, calling him “the angriest voices,” and calling the country to resist him because of his controversial statement about Mexican immigrants and his plan to temporarily stop Muslims from entering the U.S.

Trump announced to a crowd on Wednesday, saying, “I am! I’m very angry because I hate what’s happening to our country. He also accused her of being weak on immigration when granting an interview with MSNBW


Donald Trump’s camp breaking federal law

Jeb Bush legal team has fired additional shots against Trump on Wednesday, saying the business mogul and presidential hopeful is using corporate resources to spread his presidential ambitions inappropriately

Representing the pro-Bush Rise to Rise Super PAC, Mr. Charles Spies, pointed out that under federal law, corporations are not permitted to contribute money or kind services directly to candidates at the federal level

They pointed out that Trump is misusing his company’s resources and employees to service his political candidacy, which has rendered the organization and the campaign as practically interwoven bodies ” Spies added. “It is remarkable that a candidate fixated on erecting walls refuses to establish any semblance of a wall between his company and his presidential campaign.”

Trump’s camp has not been responding to allegation like this from the past, noting that the corporate lawyers are defending Trump’s business brand

Trump not bothered by criticism

The Republican presidential candidate who has been involved in so many criticisms from the past seems not to be disturbed by criticism from the opposition even within the GOP camp

It could be recalled that he was accused of inciting temporary ban on muslin entering the US, attacking Bill Clinton for his sex scandal and last week ordered for a Muslim woman to be dragged out of his campaign rally