Donald Trump: Holding the GOP to ransome


Contrary to his earlier statements and emerging situations, Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump said Tuesday night he has definitively ruled out the idea of running for the White House as an independent candidate.

Trump was asked during the fifth Republican presidential debate at Las Vegas if he is ready to rule out a third-party candidacy, the billionaire businessman and former Atlantic City casino mogul said: “I really am.” “I’ve gained great respect for the Republican leadership,” Trump said during the debate in Las Vegas.” I have great respect for the people I’ve met through this process. I’ve never done this process before. I’ve never been a politician.”

I will defeat Hillary Clinton

Trump, who seem to be the current front runner of the Republican party’s presidential race said: “I will do everything in my power to beat Hillary Clinton,” in reference to the favorite for the Democratic nomination. Political experts said a third-party Trump campaign would all but ensure that a Democrat wins the White House, because a large portion of Trump supporters would likely follow him if he left the Republican Party, leaving the GOP with less support to beat a strong opponent like Clinton.  Trump said that he is “totally committed to the Republican Party” and said he feels “very honored to be the front-runner” after he was asked whether he was ready to commit to not running as a third-party candidate.

Donald Trump threatens the Republicans

According to the CNN, Trump said that he has “gained great respect for the Republican leadership” in recent weeks as well as his fellow Republican candidates for president. Last week, Trump floated the possibility of launching a third party bid after the Republicans roundly criticised his proposal to bar all foreign Muslims from entering the United States.

As if firing a warning shot, Trump last week tweeted the results of a poll that showed that two-thirds of his supporters would vote for him if he decided to leave the Republican Party and pursue an independent bid. There are indications that Trump might change his mind should the GOP seem unfavorable for him.