Donald Trump launches his own ‘Real News’ series

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Kayleigh McEnany presents pro-Trump real news

Donald Trump has already made ‘fake news’ one of the most popular topics of the moment and, lately, he’s been struggling to deal with several reports about him and his administration, considered completely inaccurate.

To everybody’s surprise, the President’s campaign started producing its own news series, showing a personal version of events. To be more specific, a recent video, posted on Facebook, presents Trump’s take on the lack of media focus on jobs, the stock market and the economy, according to NBC News.

Trump brings the real news!

“More great economic news on Friday,” former pro-Trump cable news commentator Kayleigh McEnany introduced the video, while sitting in front of a blue campaign themed wall and promising to deliver “the real news.”

Mrs. McEnany is not a new figure, though, as she rose to prominence in politics last year, during the presidential campaign, while defending Donald Trump on CNN. Recently, the left the station, as she was looking forward to pursue new opportunities.

Shortly after she was appointed as a spokesperson for the Republican National Committee, she made her debut in the ‘Real News’ series. Or, if you want, Trump TV.

“I’m eager to talk about Republican ideas and values and have important discussions about issues affecting Americans across this country,” McEnany said in an RNC statement, released this Monday.

Is propaganda a way of reaching out to the people?

This entire move is just another proof that Donald Trump’s social media prowess continues to be a very important piece of his political rise and, without it, he wouldn’t be standing in the Oval Office right now.

As for his advisers at the White House, they’re considering Trump’s social media activity as a way of reaching out directly to the American people. Hopefully, he will know where to stop with this…