Donald Trump predicted terrorism!

donald trump myrtle beach

Republican candidate Donald Trump seems to be over qualified for every job in this world, as he appears to have tons of accomplishments, the last added on the list being the ability to predict things. Of course, we’re a bit ironic here, considering that during a rally in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, he made another surprising declaration, as stated by CBS News.

He knew about this since 2000

“The other thing I predicted was terrorism. (A) friend of mine called (and said) … ‘you’re the first guy that really predicted terrorism,” said Mr. Trump, referring to his book, “The America We Deserve”, published back in 2000, when he was considering running for the White House on the Reform Party.

Still, it seems that this self confidence has brought Donald Trump a lot of supporters, fact proven by the latest poll results, showing that he’s the favorite for winning the Republican race, surpassing names like Ted Cruz or Ben Carson.

“He is probably saying all the things out loud that we’re thinking but don’t have the nerve to say it,” said 66-year-old Barbara Estelle, a retiree who moved to Myrtle Beach five years ago, cited by CBS News.

Trump saw Muslims cheering on 9/11

Previously, Donald Trump claim, or even better said, insisted that he had seen thousands of Muslims cheering in Jersey City, after the fall of the Twin Towers, on 9/11. Despite the fact that there’s no evidence about this, fact confirmed even by the Police Department in Jersey, Trump said that the media was intentionally keeping this a secret.

“So I was taking heat, because you know the liberal media, they want to guard that. They don’t want that out because that’s not good for them,” Donald Trump said.

We’re looking forward to hearing new statements from Mr. Trump in the near future, as they seem more than interesting.