Donald Trump promotes its personal brand during campaign trail

donald trump hotel opening

Before announcing that he will take part in the presidential campaign, Donald Trump was one of the biggest brands in the United States, due to his multiple businesses and shows he took part in.

Lately, after his poll numbers declined significantly, leaving him with incredibly low chances at winning the spot in the Oval Office, the businessman began to engage in various promotions of his own brand, during the campaign trail, according to The New York Times.

Was this the right thing to do?

This Tuesday, Donald Trump made an appearance at the Trump National Doral, one of the resorts he owns in Florida, with the purpose of demonstrating how much employees he as and how much they appreciate his qualities as a boss.

And this wasn’t an isolated case! This Wednesday, when he was supposed to spend the morning campaigning in Washington, Trump preferred to attend a ribbon-cutting event at his remade hotel at the Old Post Office on Pennsylvania Avenue.

As expected, everybody started wondering if he is completely convinced that he doesn’t stand any chances against Hillary Clinton anymore and that he’s using the few campaign days he has to get his personal brand back in the top.

The Republican doesn’t see anything wrong in this

When asked about this whole situation, Donald Trump rejected the questions, claiming that the only reason he attended the events was to show the type of efficiencies he would bring to government.

“Today it was about jobs. Tomorrow it’s about being under budget and ahead of schedule,” he said, referring to the hotel in Washington.

On the other side, analysts consider that this isn’t the type of message he should send to the supporters who actually believed in his chances of winning the general elections in November.