Donald Trump remains quiet after the death of U.S. soldiers in Niger

donald trump on niger attacks

During his presidential campaign, Donald Trump always spoke fondly of the military and promise to treat those serving better than any of his competitors from that time. But after all, a lot of Republican politicians did this last year!

And a lot of voters were impressed by this speech, not to mention that  more than half of the troops declared that they had an unfavorable opinion of Barack Obama’s military leader capabilities.

Surprisingly, Donald Trump was viewed very well by those with military experience, says The Washington Post, despite the moments when he criticized Sen. John McCain for being a prisoner of war or the fact that he received deferments, in order to avoid serving in Vietnam.

But why the lack of reaction?

Despite all these, Donald Trump kept a total science after the October 4 ambush in Niger, in which four U.S. Special Forces soldiers were killed. This Monday, 12 days after the unfortunate event, he finally decided to comment.

The president declared to a reported that he had written letters over the weekend and he’s planning to call the families of the soldiers “at some point”. He justified this decision, saying that Barack Obama and previous presidents didn’t make calls either, which was forcefully denied by the previous president’s aides.

Trump also failed to explain why it took him too long to acknowledge the incident publicly.

Golfing seemed more interesting

This weekend, while the remains of one of the deceased soldiers, La David Johnson, were brought to the Dover Air Force Base, the president was golfing, an aspect which couldn’t go unnoticed.

Right now, everybody is wondering if such reaction is normal for somebody who praised the military for its service numerous times, especially when addressing more conservative groups.