Donald Trump revokes press credentials for the Washington Post

trump revokes press credentials for washington post

Republican candidate Donald Trump surprised us several times during his campaign and his latest decision makes no exception. On Monday afternoon, he announced that he was revoking the press credentials for the Washington Post, claiming that the newspaper is “phony and dishonest”.

One title from the Post was the drop that spilled the cup

According to Fortune, it seems that the main reasons why Trump is doing this due to Washington Post‘s “incredibly inaccurate coverage” of his campaign, especially after the newspaper used a headline, for an article about the businessman’s latest speech, saying “Donald Trump suggests President Obama was involved with Orlando shooting.”

“Donald Trump’s decision is nothing less than a repudiation of the role of a free and independent press,” said Marty Baron, Washington Post executive director. “We will continue to cover Donald Trump as it has all along – honorably, honestly, accurately, energetically, and unflinchingly. We’re proud of our coverage, and we’re going to keep at it,” he added.

Surprisingly or not, media organizations reacted positively to this, congratulating the Washington Post from being blocked from officially covering Trump’s campaign, many of them being banned previously as well.

The Washington Post joins a select club

Publications like the National Review, the Des Moines Register, Univision, BuzzFeed, the Daily Beast, the Huffington Post and Mother Jones received the same treatment by the Republican’s campaign. Also, a few months ago, Politico was close to being having their credentials removed as well, after a coverage of Trump’s new campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski.

Banning media outlets from covering his campaign isn’t the something unusual for Donald Trump, though, as he is well known for restricting journalists’ access to specific events. The case of the photographer from Time Inc., which was tackled and thrown to the ground by Secret Service agents is already well known, not to mention how many times the GOP’s nominee for the general elections has referred to the press as “scum” and “the absolute worst”.