Donald Trump ruined the Presidential race, says Kasich

John Kasich on Donald Trump

Unlike other years, the race for the GOP nomination seems to already be decided, with Donald Trump dominating polls. Still, his methods of winning votes were criticized multiple times, by both democrats and his fellow GOP colleagues.

The last one who expressed his opinion was Ohio Governor John Kasich, who said that the front-runner has created a “toxic atmosphere” in the Republican race, according to CBS News.

Trump insists way too much on the same topics

“Look, do you want to start with immigration? Do you want to start with the things that he has said, you know, about Muslims? I mean, where does it end?” he said. “It’s putting one group against another and it’s created a toxic atmosphere.”

Mr. Kasich also commented on the latest incidents from Donald Trump‘s rallies, interrupted by protesters, claiming that he shouldn’t be approaching these situations with a negative tone.

“The way you get those voters is to tell them how you can fix things,” he said. “… So I also think you can walk into a room, John, of 100 people and you can put them in a really bad mood or you can walk into that same room and you can get them to be hopeful.”

When asked about his chances of beating Donald Trump in Ohio, after Senator Marco Rubio asked his supporters to support Kasich in this State, John Kasich said that he wouldn’t suggest his current backers to do the same thing in Florida, since he’s not actually competing there.

Kasich is skeptic about supporting Trump if he wins the nomination

Finally, when asked about a potential Donald Trump backing, if he will be the GOP nominee for the White House, Kasich wasn’t that sure about doing this, despite the pledge he signed to back the eventual nominee. Even more, the Ohio Governor seemed convinced that Mr. Trump won’t be the nominee!

“Well, I’d like to support the nominee, but he’s not going to be the nominee, that’s just not going to happen,” he said.

  • SoSoU

    Kasich is ruining the presidential election. (Wow he won his home state) WTH he is nothing but a moderate when the GOP claims they want a conservative. He’s weak on illegal immigration and supports bad trade agreements. Nothing but an establishment weak Rino pick.

    Trump would be more conservative then this RINO …and it’s a joke to steal the election from Cruz or Trump who have won far more states. GOP stop screwing the election with this contested crap. NO way in hell will this guy get support.

    Kasich you sound like a liberal Democrat – Trump said he wanted to temporally stop folks with Muslim backgrounds from Syria because of Isis infiltration was highly possible and there is no way to vet them and insure they were not terrorists which was stated by the FBI as a security risk.