Donald Trump scores two more big endorsements

donald trump endorsements

Republican front-runner Donald Trump is currently credited with the biggest chances at winning the GOP nomination for the White House race, but this doesn’t mean that some extra support isn’t welcomed.

This weekend he managed to receive two more important endorsements: former Arizona governor Jan Brewer, known for her strong positions on immigration reform, and, probably the biggest surprise, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.

A great aid for his immigration policies

Jan Brewer’s endorsement brings Donald Trump the support of a former governor with outsize credibility on immigration issues, especially among republicans, says The Washington Post.

She was at the center of an intense debate over immigration back in 2010, when she signed a bill into law, eventually being partially struck down by the Supreme court. Of course, this lead to a heated discussion with Barack Obama, which kept the headlines for days.

“For years I pleaded with the federal government to do their job and secure our border. Today, we can elect a President who will do just that — Donald J. Trump,” Jan Brewer said.

Is this one of the most shocking moments of the campaign?

As for Chris Christie, many people considered his announcement about endorsing Donald Trump as a shock, the Governor being by far the business man’s most proeminent supporter.

This is even more surprising if we remember Christie’s previous declarations, calling Donald Trump as ill-suited for the White House. Also, let’s not forget about the moment when the two contradicted themselves about Muslims cheering or not in New Jersey, after the 9/11 attacks.

“I’ve gotten to know all the people on that stage and there is none who is better prepared to provide America with the strong leadership that it needs both at home and around the world than Donald Trump,” Chris Christie said to a crowd of reporters which looked stunned after hearing all these.