Donald Trump skipped the GOP debate and stole the show

donald trump vets debate

Republican front-runner Donald Trump is well known for having the qualities of a show man, ever since he was the host of a reality show. Even though it’s been more than a year since he gave it up, last night he proved that he still got what it takes.

After announcing his plan of skipping Thursday night’s GOP debate, Donald Trump decided that he can’t stand aside and organized his own debate, just a few miles away from the event hosted by Fox News, says Los Angeles Times.

Veterans heard what they wanted

His event was aiming to honor veterans, as the Republican announced that he managed to raise $6 million in donations for various groups, including $1 million from himself. Like expected, a big number of veterans attended the event, promoting Mr. Trump’s campaign message, “Make America Great Again”.

“This is like the Academy Awards,” Donald Trump said. “We’re actually told that we have more cameras than they do,” he said of the debate.

Of course, everybody is now wondering if skipping the GOP debate was a good idea, since the Iowa caucus is just a few days away. Apparently, Trump is relying on his great standings in polls, alongside his skills as a performer.

And it seems that these skills are one of the reasons people are attracted to Donald Trump, since many attendees at his rallies are not even his supporters, just like it happened this Thursday.

People are attracted by Trump’s entertainer skills

“We’re all here to be entertained,” said Julia VanPetten, a 19-year-old freshman at Drake University, where the event took place, cited by Los Angeles Times. “He’s a spectacle.” She is actually a Bernie Sanders supporter, but the show seemed to good to miss.

Could this attitude help Donald Trump win next week’s Iowa caucus? We will be back with more details on this topic!