Donald Trump, The GOP’s Worst Nightmare


Donald Trump, The GOP’s Worst Nightmare

It’s been a month of the most outrageous political banter, jabs, and insults that American politics has ever seen, and it’s all due to one man, billionaire and outspoken GOP presidential contender, Donald Trump.

Trump, in his media tirades and theatrics, has managed to insult just about everyone in the Republican Party, and in particular, his competition for the 2016 presidential election.

Trump has insulted Congress, the Senate, the White House, past presidents, the military, men, women, dogs and cats and more.

He seems to not care that he sets off these massive waves of controversy, and it’s probably because he knows one thing: it works.

Trump’s antics have boosted him so far ahead of the Republican hopefuls, that none of the contenders has a chance of gaining that ground. Some like Sen. Rand Paul have tried to rally up a defense against Trump, but he found out that you don’t diss the Donald and get away with it. It’s like Trump has his own comedy writer staff standing by just waiting to give him another comical statement or retort to beat down all his critics and opponents.

He’s become the GOP’s worse nightmare. The Democrats don’t even need to attack the Republicans anymore, all they have to do is wait for Trump to open his mouth and watch their stats go up. Trump has helped the Democrats more than any other candidate.

What makes Trump so popular? Because he’s using a strategy, a dangerous strategy, but winning strategy, of uttering what most Americans, conservative and liberal, have wanted to say but were too scared to do so. He’s hit every controversial topic on the books and then some, causing uproars across the country and world.

Journalists, politicians, government are all on edge not knowing who Trump will target next. He’s got all the talk shows, radio, and bloggers in the most disruptive maelstrom politics has ever seen, and there’s less than 13 months before the election and there’s no telling what he’ll do before then.

It’s doubtful that Trump won’t let up. He’s on such a roll the likes of which hasn’t ever been seen. He’s making promises but not detailing how he’ll achieve them. He’s gaining ground, but it’s based on the pent up frustration and passions of the majority of Americans who until Trump hit the soapbox, had only uttered their sentiments on social media.

Trump has literally put fear into leaderships of the areas he’s found to be the problems of the country. He’s put the public’s eye on these areas and has successfully gotten the authorities and leadership to get busy and correct things.

The government now has to deal with not only Trump’s tirades, but also the fact that he’s pointed out gross negligence, indifference, and overall compliance with sloppy, ineffective, criminal, and predatory administrators and agencies. With social networks on his side regarding these issues, Trump is educating and enlightening the public and they’re now using the data to fight back, much to the misery of those in power who have been guilty of just what Trump has professed.