Donald Trump threatens North Korea in UN speech

donald trump united nations speech

In his first address to the United Nations as President, Donald Trump threatened to “totally destroy” North Korea, in an attempt to confront “righteous” countries.

Not the speech the world was expecting. Or was it?

According to The Guardian, the speech was received with silence, as well as occasional and disapproving murmurs, while Trump was condemning a succession of regimes.

It is obvious that Donald Trump tried to replicate the impact George W. Bush’s “Axis of Evil” State of the Union address from 2012, but it’s hard to tell if his speech had the same impact.

“If the righteous many do not confront the wicked few, then evil will triumph,” the president said.

Like expected, his speech’s main target was North Korea and he couldn’t help himself and called Kim Jong-un “Rocket Man”.

The President promised that if the United States will ever be forced to defend itself or its allies, there will be no choice but to destroy North Korea. He also added that he hopes that no military action will be required – even if all the resources for this are available – and is looking forward to seeing the rest of the world stepping up the efforts to constrain the Pyongyang regime.

“That is what the United Nations is for,” Donald Trump said. “Let’s see how they do.”

Back to criticizing the Obama administration

After this, he switched to Iran, claiming that a lot of people from there want change. Of course, the Iran nuclear deal, signer during Barack Obama’s terms, was “one of the worst and most one-sided transactions the United States has ever entered into”.

On the other side, no mention about climate change was made during the speech, which attracted a lot of critics for Trump.

Keeping it short, it can be said that the President came to the United Nations just to speak to his own supporters and nothing else.