Donald Trump threatens to sue Ted Cruz. Again.

Donald Trump on Ted Cruz

Republican front-runner Donald Trump got a high morale boost after the New Hampshire win and he’s again doing what he does best: attacking his rivals. This time, the ‘victim’ was Texas Senator Ted Cruz, which was accused, once again, of not being a ‘natural born citizen’.

Of course, the issue is already old, as it’s one of Trump’s favorite topics when it comes to his main rival, but this time, the Republican took it to a whole new level.

Donald Trump isn’t the only one with this problem

According to CNN Politics, Donald Trump said that he will eventually sue him for not being a ‘natural born citizen” if the Senator “doesn’t clean up his act” and put an end to the negative ads he’s running.

A few months ago, Trump declared that in the eventuality of Ted Cruz winning the GOP nomination for the White House, Democrats will start questioning his eligibility for the presidency. The reason behind this would be that the Senator was born in Canada.

Still, what’s interesting is that last month, during one of his rallies, Donald Trump asked the public if he should actually sue Ted Cruz “just for fun”. OK, now this is what we consider a statement that a potential presidency candidate should avoid.

As for the Senator’s answer to this, it came through his communication director, Rick Tyler, who said that all these declarations are part of a “Trumpertantrum”, a word Ted Cruz has been using lately.

Cruz campaign responded

“He needs to go to the time-out chair and think about his choices. That’s what you would do with any 3-year old having a Trumpertantrum,” Tyler said.

To sum up, we have just one thing to say: this is happening before the South Carolina primary, scheduled for later this month. If Donald Trump is using such attacks right now, just imagine what he would say in the eventuality of winning the nomination and having to confront either Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders.