Donald Trump wants to work ‘more constructively’ with Russia

Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump

After meeting with Vladimir Putin this Friday, in Germany, during the G20 Summit, Donald Trump made a couple of very surprising declarations. Specifically, the US President wants to work “more constructively” with Russia.

Here goes another Tweet…

He also used Twitter, his favorite platform, the reveal that they talked about Russia’s alleged interference in the US election, says BBC, with Trump claiming that “Mr Putin vehemently denied interfering”. However, the president’s opinions actually come in contrast with some of his senior officials…

US ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, doesn’t consider that the relationship between the two countries should be strengthened, as the US “can’t trust Russia” and “won’t ever trust Russia.” She also declared that holding some talks to Russia should never mean that the United States “take our eyes off the ball”.

Rex Tillerson, US Secretary of States, also has an opinion coming in contrast with Donald Trump’s, believing that one of the main aspects which creates impediments between the countries is actually the interference in the 2016 election.

No conclusions yet

During the G20 Summit, both Russia and the United States confirmed that the presidents discussed this issue, but weren’t able to agree on the exact outcome.

Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, for example, said that Donald Trump actually accepted Vladimir Putin’s assertions that the allegations weren’t true, but, on the other side, a lot of US officials don’t agree with this statement.

Rex Tillerson said that the two presidents actually had a “robust” discussion on this, with Trump pressing Putin on several occasions, in order to eventually obtain some answers, but an “intractable disagreement” might remain between the two parts.