Donald Trump will continue using his private security team

donald trump security team

When you’re the President of the United States, it’s obvious that you need as much protection as you can get. Even more, when you’re Donald Trump, you might as well choose who keeps you safe all the time.

Trump will keep working with the same team

Unlike any other modern president and president-elect. the businessman won’t rely on the Secret Services and local law enforcement, as he will remain faithful to the security team run by retired NYC cop and Navy veteran Keith Schiller, who started working with him back in 1999, says Salon.

Donald Trump has been working with this team for the victory rallies he has held during the transition period, even though they managed to develop a hostile reputation. Mr. Schiller himself, for example, was caught striking a Latino protester outside Trump Tower, not to mention removing a news anchor from a news conference in Dubuqe, Iowa, back in August 2015.

The misbehavior of Trump’s security team resulted in three pending lawsuits, for racial profiling, undue force and aggression, says the above-mentioned source.

Still, is using this team completely legal?

Starting with January 20, when he won’t be president-elect anymore, but President Donald Trump, the nature of the rallies he will attend will change a lot. To be more specific, citing Politico, a taxpayer-funded rally will only be able to be staffed by public law-enforcement sources — meaning Donald Trump’s security force will able to remove protesters only if they are breaking the law.

When asked who will pay for the private security team and how they will work with the Secret Service, the Trump transition team avoided the question.