Donald Trump’s Low Blow Against Dr. Ben Carson


Donald Trump’s Low Blow Against Dr. Ben Carson

It doesn’t get lower than this. Two candidates can debate all they want, but in this case, GOP frontrunner Donald Trump took a low-blow cheap shot at rival Dr. Ben Carson by stating that Carson’s pathological temper is like that of a child molester and cannot be cured.

Seeing as Trump has absolutely no credentials in the area of mental health, he’s got no business evaluating anyone and does Dr. Carson a grave injustice here.

Carson has to take some responsibility for such a comment as he’s been caught numerous times having fabricated stories, misled others, exaggerated to extremes, and out and out fibbed. He’s been the target of humorists all over the landscape and his story of having stabbed someone in his youth is what Trump is referring to.

Carson is taking his lumps for this comments and past behavior. Of note, it’s past behavior and people grow and mature. There’s no evidence Carson still carries hostility in his system, and he wouldn’t have become a successful and celebrated neurosurgeon had he the tendencies that Trump pointed out.

It’s all about Trump trying to beat down the competition, not with the issues, but with invalidating commentary much like that of a school kid on the playground. This shows how low Trump will go to win and that’s a dangerous sign for all. As the nation’s top exec should he become president, he can’t go around making statements about others like this or he’ll cause an uproar if not start an out and out fight.

It’s dirty pool is what it is, and even candidate Carly Fiorina picked up on it much to her credit to then turn the tables on Trump by saying he suffered from being a liar.

Now it’s Trump’s turn. Because he brought things down to a new low, he’s opened himself as an open target for wisecracks and every dirty deed he’s ever done coming to the fore, and with his career, there’s sure to be a plethora of things he’d rather not come to light.

If Trump thinks he’s in the clear regarding this, he’s dead wrong. It’s a sure bet that the Democrats, especially Hillary Clinton’s people have enough dirt on Trump to bury him up to his pompadour and then some. They’re just biding their time inc ase he does get the Republican nomination and then it’s going to be fair game, and Trump having been involved in NY real estate for so many years is bound to have some questionable ties to organized crime.

That being said, it’s time for Donald Trump to watch his back this time.

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