Donald Trump’s Son-in-Law wants a job at the White House

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President-elect Donald Trump is already picking his team and it seems that the new administration could be completed by Jared Kushner, his son-in-law.

But is it actually legal?

Kushner, 35, is the husband of Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, and was also the president’s adviser during his campaign, says The New York Times. It seems that he has already spoken to a lawyer about the possibility of joining the Trump administration, even though this could violate the federal anti-nepotism law, not to mention all the legal challenges such a move would imply.

Initially, Jared Kushner was planning to return to his private business, right after the general elections, but after a talk with Donald Trump, he began discussing the possibility of taking a role in the white house.

Donald Trump himself is pressuring his son-in-law to join him, according to two sources who wanted to keep their anonymity. Even more, the same thoughts are shared by Stephen K. Bannon, The chief strategist for the white house, as well as Reince Priebus, recently named chief of staff.

It could be all in the family

Of course, the president’s desire to add Jared Kushner to his team does nothing but fulfill the speculation that he’s planning to run the White House just as he runs his business, relating a lot on his family and delegating essential tasks to them.

If this will actually happen, it will be very interesting to see how the administration, the media and, why not, the whole world, will receive the news.