Donald Trump’s team wants to evict press corps from the White House

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According to the latest reports, president-elect Donald Trump’s transition team is considering evicting the press corps from the White House and relocate them.

They need a bigger room!

Even though Trump’s future White House press secretary, Sean Spicer, declared that no decision regarding this issue has been taken yet, but there has been some discussion about how to do it, the corps may be relocated out of the White House Conference Center, near Lafayette Square. The Old Executive Office Building, which is just next door to the White House, has also been considered, says The Hill.

The main reason behind this decision is the size of the current press area, which wouldn’t be able to host all the reporters looking forward to covering the president-elect.

“There’s been so much interest in covering a President Donald Trump,” Mr. Spicer said, adding that 49 seats is simply not enough, since a way bigger number of members of the media want to be part of Trump’s press conferences.

On the other side, a senior official called the press the “opposition party”, claiming that he wants them out of the building. Ok, now this is definitely an interesting point of view…

If he wants more journalists at his conferences, Trump must behave!

Donald Trump’s press events have always been intense, as the businessman accused reporters, several times, of dishonest coverage against him.

Last week’s event, when he refused to let a CNN reporter ask a question regarding the unverified dossier alleging the Russian government having compromising information, kept the headlines and provoked various reactions from the press outlets. If he continues like this, 49 seats might be just enough for a press conference, we’d say.