Donald Trump’s Virginia rally turns out nasty

Donald Trump in Virginia

With just one day before Super Tuesday, this week’s most important event, Republican front-runner Donald Trump held a rally in southwest Virginia, but things didn’t go exactly as planned.

According to The Washington Post, the event was interrupted multiple times by protesters, while a photographer had an altercation with a Secret Service agent.

The businessman seems confident in his chances at winning the nomination

Donald Trump addressed the crowd gathered at the Radford University gymnasium, claiming that his huge advantage over his competitors will allow him to win in many of the states voting on Super Tuesday, including ones with a Democratic background, like New York or Michigan.

When he was talking about an eventual approach to a situation in which a company like Carrier would move air conditioner production to Mexico, he was interrupted by protesters. The businessman instantly targeted one women from the group, repeatedly shouting “Are you from Mexico?”, as she was stepping down from the group.

But this wasn’t the only moment, as another group of people, most of them young African Americans, stood up and shouted “No more hate”, being escorted out shortly after.

“All lives matter,” the Republican shouted as they left to loud cheers, remembering about similar comments made Sunday in Alabama.

Finally, a press photographer who was trying to leave the press section was choke-slammed by a Secret Service agent. The photographer claimed that he never touched the agent, so the attack was unjustified.

Rubio is also trying to secure a Virginia win

Donald Trump wasn’t the only Republican who made stops in Virginia recently, as Marco Rubio made four of them on Sunday, mostly attacking his rival in usually personal terms, mentioning aspects like “small hands” and “pores clogged with spray tan”.

Mr. Trump appeared indifferent to all these remarks during today’s rally, continuing to call the Florida Senator “Little Rubio”.

  • kim mullins

    There’s evidence of a photo that supports the secret service guy was indeed attacked first. A first class pic of the photographer’s hands around the secret service guys neck, I’ve seen it just posted. I would have slammed that jerk too if he had done that to me. (If I could have).