Donald Trump’s win inspired white nationalists

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It’s not a secret that Donald Trump was supported by several white nationalist organizations and his victory in the general elections started a wave of enthusiasm among them.

Will the alt-right be more and more present in the United States?

According to NPR, this weekend, loyalists of the white nationalist, alt-right movement from around the United States gathered in Washington D.C., in order to discuss how to exploit the current momentum, when their offensive views such as calling for a white, ethnocentric state are on the rise.

“The alt-right is here, the alt-right is not going anywhere, the alt-right is going to change the world,” said Richard Spencer, from the National Policy Institute.

The event gathered almost 300 people, protesters included, after Donald Trump’s surprise election gave their movement a jolt. Also, the attendees called the President-elect’s campaign “the first step towards identity politics in the United States.”

White nationalists are feeling a connection with Trump

Richard Spencer declared that before Trump’s election, the alt-right movement was like a “head without a body”, but his campaign became “kind of a body without a head.” Even more, he added that the white nationalists have a “psychic connection” with the businessman in a way they don’t have with other members of the GOP and they hope that, “moving forward, the alt-right can, as an intellectual vanguard, complete Trump.”

This week, the alt-right movement managed to gain an impressive amount of attention after Donald Trump appointed Steve Bannon, former head of alt-right Breitbart News, as a senior strategist in the West Wing. However, his appointment was criticized by Mr. Spencer, who claimed that he wasn’t a fully representative of the movement, but that it’s “very hopeful for me that Bannon is at least open to these things.”