Dr. Ben Carson and Trump are trapped in a Trending Debate.



Ben and TrumpTwo high leading position Republican aspirants for a presidential campaign in 2016,Dr. Ben and Donald have incited the motion with an aim of attacking Muslims living in America. Hillary Clinton stepped aside and warned the two aspirants by starting a hot debate with an intention of letting them know that Muslims have a well equipped Republican aspirant.
Donald Trump and Ben Carson reiterated the statement when they were on a Sunday chat show. Their closest opponent, Carly Fiorina is the only woman who is confident in winning the Presidential race and she has recently had tremendous ratings. Since Ben and Trump attacked Muslim in general, Carly decided to support Hillary Clinton hence gaining an extra percentage.
Dr. Ben Carson has never been involved in any political matters and he has recently claimed that Muslim should not be elected to be leading president in America. He added that Islam is not steady with the US constitution.
He was asked if Islam was the major problem in America, The renowned multi-billionaire said, “We can always say no and be politically correct. Also, I have never seen the Swedes returning and living after the World Trade Center bombings.”
“It can be the right thing to say, I never care what the right thing to say is. Some of the Muslims and terrorists are everything else. So it is a problem. We can always say no-but it is.