Dr. Ben Carson, The Anti-Knowledge Man



Dr. Ben Carson, The Anti-Knowledge Man

Once again, Dr. Ben Carson, the leading GOP frontrunner for the Republican Presidential nomination, has epitomized the Republican tendency to shuck solid science tot he wind in favor of absurdity.

Every time Carson opens his mouth it’s like another episode of a sitcom where some malaprop would be uttered to peels of audience laughter.

It’s just par for the course with the trend nowadays of the American people to avoid intellectualism. The same Emaricans can program a smartphone to do anything from answer a call to oprate their home’s security system, feed the pets, and other such complex daily duties, but ask them to focus on issues of a higher brow nature and they start to fall apart. That’s where the Republicans come in and it’s a multi-part issue.

Carson and the other GOP candidates know that their constituents live in fantasy worlds regarding reality. Especially if that reality reveals motivations and actions that are just downright unethical. When people look the other way to wrongdoing, they get addicted to the wrongdoing and anything that might interrupt that or endanger it become enemies. The religious right are pan handled guilty of this and it’s been going on for decades.

People like Rev. Jimmy Falwell and the like, who try to justify right wing agendas like warfare and economic suppression, discrimination, sexism, and all sorts of naughty things. When science hits the stage, the justifications for these behaviors falls to the wayside and unfortunately these behaviors are so institutionalized that their disruption could mean economic and social upheaval.

Red China is a prime example of anti intellectualism. They lost tens of millions of people due to the sheer stupidity of their leaders during the Cultural Revolution. They slaughtered millions of intellectuals, yes, smart people. Somewhere along the way no one figured out that if you kill all the smart people, you’ll only have stupid people left. Prime example, “The Great Leap Forward” that started in the late 1950s when China told its farmers to stop growing crops and the government went for more steel production. Well, if you tell people to stop growing food, people will go hungry and millions starved to death, all because the smart people had been killed who could have prevented it all.

So with today’s advancements in technologies, breakthroughs of astonishing proportions happening every month now, having the Republicans and their ilk gaining control would mean further suppression of energy, health, and other technologies to the point the GOP would have us return to the Flintstone age where the only way people could get around is though the courtesy of Fred’s two feet.