Dump Trump ASAP


In the United State’s 2016 Presidential race Donald Trump keeps on growing.  A poll done recently showed the Republican Party candidate in the first place with thirsty percent. Ben Carson is second and has eighteen percent.

Many poll analysts are puzzled by the steady rise of Mr. Trump even though his candidacy was seen to be short lived when he entered the race and that he would lead only up to the end of summer. We are now into the fall and it looks like Trump isn’t stopping.

Trump 2

Generally The Donald, as he is mostly called, has self imploded. Many see him as an annoyance to his Republican Party but the voters seem to have a different opinion about Mr. Trump. Despite being in a crowded Republican Party one of the key factors of success is Trump’s coverage by the media.

“Donald Trump talks about things in ways that some Republicans really like,” said Sen. Elizabeth Warren. She also went on to explain that Mr. Trump’s extreme views are powerful for the primaries because it is the views that attract extreme voters to the party. For whichever reasons Trump isn’t just slowing down yet and he appears to be going everywhere. The top leadership of the Republican Party seem to be irked about it as they think it might cause significant problems.