We Are What We Eat – What We Really Think Of Fast Food

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We Know That We Are What We Eat

The American fast food industry has taken a lot of rap over the last couple of years. Americans have in general become a lot more aware of exactly what they are putting into their mouths and have stopped believing everything that the industry tries so hard to represent.

People are becoming much more mindful of the actual nutritional value of the foods that they consume, as well as of the presence of sky-high sugar levels and issues like genetic modification.

Whatever your feelings on the matter and to what extent you believe the industry to be a poisonous one, there are certain foods that even fast food employees avoid. These are the absolute NO – NO’s of the industry, and for your information, we have compiled a hit list.

People have always held firm ideas about many things. This applies to everything from politics to the controversy running through local and Australian sports betting. It’s time to make up our minds about instant foods.

Grilled Chicken

Grilled chicken is healthier than fried chicken. Whilst this may be true in and of itself, it does not automatically mean that grilled chicken is in itself, a healthy meal. The problem here, as is often the case, lies in the preparation. To keep the chicken from sticking the grill on which it is being prepared, squirts of margarine are added as the chicken is cooked and turned over.

That’s not the end of it, either. Once the chicken has been cooked, more margarine is squirted over the hot pieces of chicken in order to keep the pieces moist. A recipe app can tell you what to do to avoid this, but it’s something most people don’t even consider.

Tuna Salad Sandwiches

Whenever tuna is used in the making of a sandwich, something is used to enhance its flavour. Americans proclaim to love seafood and appreciate its health benefits, but they still want to enjoy the meal. Tuna, in its natural state, is quite dry and lacking in flavour. The solution? Heaps and heaps of sugar-laden mayonnaise.

The same applies to chicken salad sandwiches. Apart from all that sugary mayo, there is also the issue of eateries trying to get the most bang for their buck. Chicken sandwiches are often made from day-old chicken nuggets and patties.

Soda And Ice

Fountain drinks with ice from a fountain machine are a classic American favourite. But according to those responsible for cleaning out the fountain machines, the process isn’t always all that hygienic, and reading this may well change your perspective on ordering one again.

In fact, according to fast food employees, fountain machines are often never cleaned until what the machine gives in and stops producing ice altogether. At this point, the machines are generally serviced and repaired, after which the entire process repeats itself over again.


Is anything more American than the doughnut? The problem too, is a very American one. Oil. An employee working for one of the biggest American doughnut chain claims that the oil is only changed once every two weeks. Thousands of batches of doughnuts pass through the same oil before the oil is swopped out.

Even worse than the oil conundrum, is the fact that at large production plants, not a thought is spared for what happens to the doughnut before it’s packaged for end-use. For example, doughnuts stored on the bottom ends of wire cooling racks often get splashed with the water that is used to was the floors.

Not a very delicious thought by any measure.