Elizabeth Warren could be Hillary Clinton’s running mate

elizabeth warren clinton running mate

Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton hasn’t made any announcement regarding his options for running mate until date, but the latest rumors are pointing to Elizabeth Warren, a first-term Democratic senator from Massachusetts.

According to The Hill, a lot of Democrats are seeing an all-woman team, with Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren, as the spark that could ignite enthusiasm in the progressive base and, in the same time, mark a historical moment.

Warren has the biggest chances!

Apparently, the former Secretary of State is very likely to pick Warren as her running mate if Bernie Sanders keeps campaigning. Besides women voters, she is able to attract young and older white liberals, a very important category for Hillary Clinton.

Besides this, let’s not forget that Donald Trump has repeatedly used the gender card, so a Clinton-Warren duo would be something very hard to deal with for the businessman.

“Trump’s continued misogyny and rhetoric also increases the likelihood of selecting Warren,” Democratic strategists Jamal Simmons said. Elizabeth Warren would completely contrast to what Donald Trump and his running-mate could offer.

A female duo is not surprising anymore, considering how the presidential race is going

“It’s a wild idea, but look at this race,” Simmons said. “You can’t be too wild. People are not in the mood for even and consistent. People are in the mood for long shots. They want someone to disrupt the status quo.”

When asked about the possibility of this scenario coming true, Warren’s representatives refused to comment.

It won’t be long until Hillary Clinton will announce her running mate. Besides Elizabeth Warren, she is also considering Senators Sherrod Brown (Ohio) and Tim Kaine (Virginia). Still, until this decision it’s take, she will have to deal with the West Virginia primary, scheduled for this Tuesday, where Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is expected to win.