Emails release: State department asks for more time

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The US State department on Friday sought for extension in the release of emails sent by Hillary Clinton, while serving as former secretary of state. The Democratic party presidential hopeful has come under fire and criticism for using a private email server to process her emails during her time as the secretary of state. The State Department asked a federal court for a one-month extension to make public, the last of Hillary Clinton’s, citing a complex review of some messages across different agencies of the government.  The State Department spokesman Mark Toner said Friday the department wouldn’t be able to meet its court-mandated goal of Jan. 29. About 9,400 of 55,000 pages are left, but Toner said those remaining “contain a large amount of material that required interagency review.” The department will make public as many as possible next week, he said, but is asking for the final deadline to be pushed back until Feb. 29.

Winter storm and classified information affects public release

While asking the judge for a month extension to finish publicly releasing thousands of emails sent by Hillary Clinton, the State department said it needed to have shared some of the emails with other government agencies for review. However, it was unable to do so due to winter storm that closed government offices. The department said it needed until 29 February after realizing this week that it had “overlooked” emails amounting to 7,254 printed pages that it should have shared with other agencies for them to review for sensitive information. It said expected heavy snow in Washington DC had interrupted delivery of these emails to other agencies. Top classified information were also discovered which cannot be made public.