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The United States Secretary of the Energy Department Ernest Moniz confirmed that the department has the ability to verify whether Iran complied to the nuclear program agreement. Speaking in Colorado Mr. Moniz echoed his confidence in the “extensive expertise” of the Department of Energy to monitor Iran’s compliance.

The nuclear deal was negotiated by the United States together with other world powers. “Our nuclear expertise is unmatched in scope and scale,” said Mr. Moniz at the University of Colorado Law School. In the deal Iran’s economic sanctions are to be lifted only if they limit their nuclear program.

Earnest Moniz

However, Republicans in the Congress have opposed the agreement. 31 Democrats have been in support for it. if the deal is disapproved by the senate 34 votes from backers will be needed to uphold presidential veto.

The agreement was defended by Moniz during his speech and he insisted that the United States has the capability to detect cheating. Computers have been developed to simulate lab technology to ensure reliability of nuclear technology without having test explosions.

The Energy Department is responsible for safety of the United States from any form of nuclear arsenal through the National Nuclear Security Administration. In a separate meeting Moniz also stated that both regional and state efforts are important in countering climate change.