Entertainment Industries Make an Impact on Politics

kim jong-un and donald trump

In the last couple of decades, we are witnessing a major impact of entertainment industry on politics. The states affairs have been included in every field of public work, from celebrities, journalism to internet and gaming. Nowadays, almost every public figure is involved in political activities, supports different causes, and tries to make changes in the actual community.

Film Industry

The film industry impacts politics in several different ways, either through movies or through movie’s stars. Many movies inspire changes in society and are thematically connected with certain political issues. If we closely watch them, on the one hand, many possible solutions can be put on display, or, on the other hand, we can visualize the aftermaths of bad political decisions. For example, analyses show that the movie Argo has influenced people’s more positive view on the government and has raised the level of trust in governmental functioning. Furthermore, the movie celebrities very often are politically active, and fight for improving society. For example, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s role as a governor of California, certainly brought changes in the community, and the movie star had the chance to directly influence life in the society of California.


Similarly to movie stars, the music celebrities are also in a great deal involved in the political life of the country. Some of the music stars most actively involved in politics nowadays are: Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and many more. The history has shown that celebrities’ endorsements in politics contribute a lot to the overall number of voters, and the popularity of politicians.


The internet by itself has an impact in every field of our lives. In politics, it is mostly used for advertisements, announcements, online polls, and even for entire political campaigns. The use of the internet for political reasons, started more frequently around 2004, and in the Barrack Obama’s presidency. For example, he posted most of his activities online, and was able to directly see the people’s opinions and response. During presidential elections, many online polls are carried out, which is good both for people and candidates. The first can show support and preference, and the latter can view the number of supporters they have. The pros definitely outnumber the cons.


As well as the internet, the gaming world has become an important part of politics, in the last 15 years. Politicians started using online games to influence a whole new gaming generation. The first game release connected with political campaign was back in 2003, The Iowa Game. Since then, many have followed focusing on the politician’s qualities or vices, and each of them had an equal and even bigger impact. Another rising area, is the online casino gaming. It includes the biggest list of online games, and it has a great number of users, thus becoming a perfect target for political purposes. Experts are astonished by how quickly the gaming community gained their important place in political life nowadays.