Florida voters can register until October 18

florida voting registration

Florida Democrats have all the reasons to be happy, after a federal judge approved their request to extend voting registration in the Sunshine State until October 18, due to the impact cause by Hurricane Matthew.

It’s everybody’s right!

According to CNN, Judge Mark E. Walker, of the US District Court for the Norther District, agreed with the proposition of the Florida Democratic Party, as well as other groups, who argued that the voter registration period should be extended, due to the effects of the storm.

“No right is more precious than having a voice in our democracy,” Judge Walker wrote. “Hopefully, it is not lost on anyone that the right to have a voice is why this great country exists in the first place,” he added.

A Florida Secretary of State office’s spokesperson said that the order was already sent to the Supervisor of Elections, even though the deadline was initially this Tuesday.

The GOP doesn’t agree with this change

On the other side, the Republicans, represented by Governor Rick Scott, said that they didn’t “intend to make changes,” mentioning that “people have had time to register.”

“Federal law requires the state to provide voters with enough time to register before the election,” said deputy director of the Brennan Center’s Democracy Program, Myrna Pérez. “With this extension, more citizens will be able to exercise their most fundamental right in our democracy.