Former congresswoman Michele Bachmann: “This isn’t a civil war”

Michele Bachmann

The tense situation in the GOP is no longer a secret, as the party is currently split in two sides. However, a lot of people still claim that everything is OK and Donald Trump will get all the support he needs from the party.

According to CNN, former Republican congresswoman and presidential candidate Michele Bachmann is one of them, denying that the whole situation had escalated into a full-blown civil war.

Paul Ryan’s decision set things on fire

Of course, her declaration doesn’t come as a surprise, considering that she’s part of Donald Trump’s campaign’s executive board. The same source mentions that Mrs. Bachmann said that Republicans serving in the US House of Representatives were “perplexed” after hearing that House Speaker Paul Ryan won’t support the Trump from now on.

“I spoke with members yesterday that were on this conference call,” Bachmann declared. “And the members said, to a person, people were in support of Donald Trump and they really were perplexed why Paul even had the conference call in the first place because Donald Trump delivered a masterful performance in the second debate.”

She also wanted to add that despite what everybody is claiming, there’s no such thing as a civil war in the GOP. “It’s really the members in Congress who are saying ‘we’re not going to fall in line and abandon Donald Trump.'”

Another uninspired move by Trump

Michele Bachmann is the one who defended Donald Trump’s unusual campaign move to invite three women, all of them accusing Bill Clinton of inappropriate sexual behavior, to the second presidential debate.

“Well, there’s a reason why he did and it’s because the case was brought up about him,” she said. “In this circumstance, I think it was very much fair game because this was a planned surprise attack on Donald Trump going at his character.”

  • andrewp3

    As usual, possibly the most insane woman in the party has it exactly wrong. That’s why it’s such a cute sort of insane – because it’s consistent. Could this be too much Jesus Juice?

    It’s civil war, Michelle.