Former President George H.W. Bush Rocking The Tweets


Former President George H.W. Bush Rocking The Tweets

It is a true show of the use of modern tech wizardry by a senior citizen who has seen it all and done it all. Earlier last week, former President of the United States, George H.W. Bush used Twitter to show the public that he was recovering from illness.

Bush tweeted a photo of himself, thumbs up to assure everyone he was okay. In the photo Bush strikes a remarkable resemblance to comedy legend, Red Skelton. The former WWII fighter pilot has been through many a dangerous scrape throughout his life, including being shot down while in air combat. He survived and went on to father a family, serve his country in multiple positions and see the changing of American history right before his eyes.

Whether you like him or not, Mr. Bush is a survivor. He’s made it into his 90s and is still able to function even though he’s been suffering from a broken bone in his neck and other illnesses.

He’s been known as quite a daredevil too, amazing everyone with his sky diving at his age and other extreme sports activities. He must be making the Secret Service nervous and on their toes as they have no idea what he’ll do next.

He’s now a great grandfather and still married to his wife Barbara. The Bush family is surrounded in controversy but the fact of the matter is, Mr. Bush has survived it all and with a good sense of humor. He is notorious for joking around when he gets the chance and considering what he’s been through, it’s probably that quality that is a major reason he’s endured for so long.

The 41st President has some physical therapy to go through regarding his injury and it’s a good bet he’ll get the best of medical attention. In his typical jovial manner, Mr. Bush said to his Twitter followers, “Who knew jumping out of planes was safer than getting out of bed?”. He also acknowledged the avalanche of well wishing responses his tweet amassed.

To add to the social media means of communication, Jeb Bush, now a Republican presidential hopeful said of his father, “Glad to see dad’s doing better.” he posted on Instagram. Jeb, former governor of Florida is battling on his own against the Republican front runners including the boisterous Donald Trump. If Jeb gets the Republican nomination he’ll have followed the family footsteps of his brother and former two time president, George W. Bush.

The Bush family has been involved in politics and big business for the past 100 years for both good and not so good. The bottom line is that they’ve survived where others have fallen off. George H.W. Bush continues to show how tough the line is and he does it with a smile and now with modern social media.