Former state GOP chair challenging Murray for US Senate


Republican Party chair of Washington State Chris Vance launched his campaign on Tuesday to challenge Patty Murray who is a four term incumbent. Talking to KING 5 Vance said, “The partisan gridlock in Washington D.C. is nothing short of a national disgrace.”

He also added that he is running for office because the country is less than 30 days from another government shutdown. Vance also added that he would run on a platform of bipartisanship and would work across the aisle to tackle issues like immigration and national debt.

In a reply statement Democratic Party fired back saying Vance’s statement is “bizarre and out of touch.” Vance had called Murray a lawmaker who works quietly behind the scenes. He has criticized the 2012 Murray-Ryan Budget and accused him of causing the partisan gridlock.

Vance owns a consulting firm and is also a lecturer at Evan School of University of Washington. In 2001 to 2006 Vance served as the chair of the Republican Party in Washington and was a member of King County Council in the early Nineties. “I haven’t run for office in 15 years. The reason I’m taking on this challenge is I’m worried about America,” said Vance. He also named immigration and healthcare as other top priorities which require immediate attention.