Fox Business won’t be the prime “actor” in Tuesday’s debate, promised moderators

fox business gop debate

Fox Business moderators Neil Cavuto and Maria Bartiromo vow that they won’t interfere in Tuesday Republican debate, like CNBC journalists did on October 29, says Politico.

Fox Business moderators Neil Cavuto and Maria Bartiromo promised that they will stay on topic on Tuesday Republican debate, the first one since CNBC’s on October 29. After the CNBC show, moderators were accused of losing control and asking questions not meant to clarify some issues, but to prove some “superiority”. RNC Chairman Reince Priebus characterized it as a “crap sandwich.”, according to the same source.

The moderators want to be as impartial as possible

“My goal is to make myself invisible. That I’m not the issue … That we’re not the issue. The answers to what we’re raising become the issue.”, said Cavuto, one of three moderators for the debate, in an interview for Politico last week. His colleague from Fox Business, Maria Bartiromo, had a similar reaction.

“After that [CNBC] debate, I realized, I knew my marching orders. It was clearer than ever what my marching orders are, and that is to help the viewer, help the voter better understand what each candidate’s plan is, is it a realistic plan, can it work and how is it different from the next guy or gal and that’s what I plan to focus on.”, stated Bartiromo. The two vow that things will be done different by Fox Business.

Could it be the best debate until now?

Cavuto and Bartiromo both worked for CNBC before flying off to Fox Business, whose chairman and CEO, Roger Ailes, used to be president of CNBC. Meanwhile, before the debate, the network released an ad promoting the Tuesday night event that sounds like this:”CNBC never asked the real questions, never covered the real issues. That’s why on November 10, the real debate about our economy and our future is only on Fox Business Network”.

Numbers provided by Nielsen say that CNBC is available in approximately 93 million homes while Fox Business is in approximately 74 million homes.