Fox News reporter roasts President Trump’s spokeswoman

Fox News' John Roberts

This week, one of Donald Trump’s spokespersons, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, had a very intense moment with Fox News reporter John Roberts, during an official meet in Washington D.C.

While discussing the White House’s refusal to allow television coverage of its daily press briefings, Roberts, who is Fox News’ chief correspondent at the Presidential residence, decided that he wants to leave the briefing early.

Careful for that comeback…

Right away, Sanders noticed and, trying to joke, said that “John Roberts is bored today; he’s stepping out.”

Instantly, John Roberts had a comeback: “If it was on camera, I might not be.”

Later that day, he took it to Twitter, explaining why he left the briefing earlier.

“To all who are musing over me leaving the @SHSanders45Briefing…I have a live shot. Had the brief been on camera, it would 1/2,” he said. “Would have been on TV, not me. I would have waited until it was over.”

Fox News supports the ‘theory’

This was confirmed by Fox News’ Shep Smith, according to The Hill, who played an audio file registered during the briefing, noting that John Roberts came out early in order to join his team.

President Trump’s decision to restrict the coverage of the briefings created a lot of friction between his staff and the White House press corps. Since June 29, no on-camera press briefing was held at the White House at all.

  • Modern-day Cyclops

    How narcissistic and entitled do you have to be to think that “Waaaah, I want to be on TV right now, and I’m not going to stop crying until you let me!” is a roast of a press spokeswoman calling out a reporter who left the press conference early?

    It’s Roberts’ job to be a REPORTER, he should be there with his main goal being to REPORT on the news and revealed information of the day. The idea of himself getting onto TV for his coverage or questions should be a “possible bonus”, not a “required standard”. We never saw Woodward or Bernstein demanding a camera follow them around everywhere as they dug into the truth behind the Watergate break-in, so why should some random White House Press Correspondent without any such track record of investigative REPORTING feel more entitled than those two legendary journalists?

  • Troy Hallewell

    What a pathetic bunch of narcissistic cry babies.