Goodbye Jihadi John!


Goodbye Jihadi John!

According to the Pentagon, the ISIS spokesman, known to the world as ‘Jihadi John’, has been killed by an air strike, possibly a drone.

Mohammed Emwazi made a name for himself internationally through a series of horrific videos in which he and other ISIS members murdered scores of people, including Americans. He taunted the US and allied forces and built up a following of cult like members who rallied to the ISIS banner.

The US had been after him for years, and this precision strike has shown ISIS that not only does the US have the intelligence information, but the means to take out one specific target among many. The strike took place in Syria which is the battleground for ISIS with the Russians themselves major players trying to rid the country of ISIS.

With strikes like this and the Russian and Syrian government forces pounding away at ISIS, the criminal group is getting its comeuppance from all angles.

The allies now have the high ground and the death of Jihadi John is sure to send a message throughout the radical Islamic world that they can run, but they can no longer hide.

Advanced technology is what brought this victory along with intelligence information that had to be as precise as possible.

As more data regarding the strike comes in, the Obama administration will be able to toot their own horn and let the other ISIS leaders know that their days are numbered. Jihadi John’s death is sure to send shockwaves to the other ISIS leaders and followers that death can come at any moment from the skies and be just as particular like a person shopping for socks.
The families of his victims can now breathe a sigh of relief, perhaps get some closure regarding this fiendish of people who actually has a degree in computer programming and was a British citizen before finding fame as an ISIS leader.

Some might say his demise was merciful, and that he deserved worse considering the agony he put his victims through. Hopefully there is video of the strike so the public can say turn about is fair play, as the world gets to witness this horrible man’s last minutes.

All in all, a good day for hunting for the US. Let’s wait and see what new windbag ISIS has in store for us. Whoever they get they might as well have him or her wearing a big red bullseye headpiece.