GOP donors aren’t fancying Donald Trump

donald trump to lose gop donors

We do know that a lot of important GOP members aren’t supporting Donald Trump’s candidacy, but things could go even worse for the business man, as several financial backers of the party are also being skeptical about funding his campaign.

Is money a problem for Donald Trump?

According to The New York Times, a group of GOP donors are currently forming a wall of opposition, which could make it very difficult for Donald Trump to raise $1 billion before the general elections in November, this being one of his main goals.

The same source reveals that the donors, no matter if we’re talking about individuals or very rich families, aren’t willing to raise money for the GOP candidate. Also, an aspect worth mentioning is that the same group of donors managed raise over $90 million during the last three federal elections, through super PACs. Donald Trump is definitely not happy right now.

However, this shouldn’t be a surprise! We all know that Mr. Trump is far from being your average candidate, making some surprising declarations from time to time. Not once he claimed the the GOP donors who refuse to give him money are controlling politicians, so, in some way or another, their decision shouldn’t come as a surprise.

But what about the funds needed for the campaign?

Fortunately for him, this isn’t a problem as big as it would be for any other candidate. After seeing that the GOP isn’t totally supporting him, Donald Trump started considering the idea of running as an independent. After all, he is the only one who can afford this!

Therefore, if the GOP donors will indeed revoke their support, he will rely on media attention and big rallies, something he’s very good at. As for the money, he will use his own and small contributions, from less potent donors.