GOP lawmakers don’t agree with Clinton email scandal decision

attorney general loretta lynch

After deciding to drop charges against Hillary Clinton for sending classified information using a private email, Attorney General Loretta Lynch was assaulted with questions from GOP lawmakers, who accused her of giving the Democratic nominee preferential treatment.

Was Bill Clinton behind the final decision?

According to USA Today, GOP members of the House Judiciary Committee claimed that during Lynch’s meeting with former president Bill Clinton, on June 27, her decision was somehow influenced.

As for Loretta Lynch’s answer, she testified that it would be inappropriate to discuss confidential briefings she received on the case and the decision of not pursuing charges on Hillary Clinton was taken after consulting with career investigators and prosecutors.

“I agreed to say hello,” Lynch said about her meeting with Bill Clinton. “We had a social conversation.”

However, the Attorney General’s decision to elaborate on the legal basis wasn’t well received by GOP lawmakers, as they accused her of “dodging any responsibility to be forthright to Congress by referring members to the statements of her subordinate.”

Lynch and Clinton have a background

Representative Bob Goodlatte, chairman of the Judiciary Commitee, said the Loretta Lynch should have recused her from the email probe and appoint a special prosecutor. Back in 1999, Lynch was appointed as chief federal prosecutor in Brooklyn, New York, by Bill Clinton himself.

“It’s equally troubling that she met privately with former President Clinton just days before FBI Director Comey announced that he does not recommend criminal charges be filed against Secretary Clinton,” Goodlatte said. “The American people deserve transparency about this investigation.”