GOP Presidential Hopeful Ben Carson & The Drug Cartel Invasion Of Arizona


GOP Presidential Hopeful Ben Carson & The Drug Cartel Invasion Of Arizona

In two surprising news stories this past week, GOP presidential hopeful, Dr. Ben Carson, got a tour of the Arizona territories where Mexican drug cartels have invaded and dominate the landscape.

Carson took a tour with Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu via helicopter that showed the regions of the state that have been compromised by arms wielding drug soldiers. From mountaintop caves to other areas, the spread of the cartels is vast and at such a level it no longer can be categorized as smuggling but an all out military type invasion. There is no doubt about it, the drug cartels now control considerable land areas of not only Arizona, but other states as well.

These areas are only 30 miles from Phoenix, Arizona and the well populated community there. A recent arrest netted $3 billion in drugs as well as dozens of arrests and over 100 weapons including AK-47s.

From these areas the drug cartels and illegal immigrant smugglers have moved untold billions in drugs and tens of thousands of immigrants. Carson alarmed the public and press when addressing the issue earlier in the week by suggesting more military presence, missile strikes, and basically nothing short of all out war.

He may be right.

This issue is so out of hand that the Department of Homeland Security and the Obama Administration should be ashamed of themselves for their negligence. Law enforcement in general, throughout the US should be up in arms regarding the expansion and devastation the drug cartels are wreaking on the American populace. Carson has been quoted as saying, “Look, we’re fighting a war here. We should talk to military leaders and law enforcement leaders to see what we need to do.”.

That being said, with election year approaching, the Democrats aren’t going to risk upsetting the Latino communities that sympathize with the illegal immigrant issue and are too fearful to go up against the cartels. The Obama Administration and Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Justice need a major wakeup call as this issue has gotten so out of hand it is past the point of absurdity and is borderline compliance with the criminal masterminds behind the drug cartels and smugglers.

With Carson and Donald Trump beating the pulpit on this issue, the Democrats are going to have to step up to the plate with an effective and dramatic plan. If the US can send 100s of thousands of troops and 100s of billions of dollars in weapons and support to fight wars on the other side of the planet, why can’t it devote as much effort to its own front door?

Money and fear. Plain and simple. Drugs are lining the pockets of the top people, fear of losing votes if they crack down, and the drug trade doesn’t interfere with banking.