GOP Says Trump Should Win


GOP Says Trump Should Win

In a not surprising twist of fate, a new poll shows that Republicans now view Donald Trump as the candidate most electable to become President of the United States.

The poll was conducted by an Associated Press-GfK poll, that reportedly shows a dichotomy between the Republican rank and file and and its upper-crust. Trump came out ahead at 7 out of 10 GOPers saying with confidence that if nominated, Trump could win.

This turnaround by such a wide margin of Republicans says that Trump, in his own way, has won over the die hard and done so using the oldest of tactics, yet rarely used. He boasts of money and fame and celebrity, making deals and solving problems the business executive way. The public who follow Trump chew on every word no matter how absurd he sounds. They know he’s not that bright to be able to achieve all he professes, but they know his winning is secured which means jobs and opportunity for the GOP infrastructure. It won’t mean jobs for the rank and file, they’ll continue to be working for minimum wage and knowing Trump and his ilk, those higher minimum wages will be cut thus plunging their own public into despair. The Republicans don’t care because they can shove off irresponsibility to the liberals and the Republican public will accept it, especially if the news is issued via Rush Limbaugh or Fox News.

The Republicans are desperate. They know their candidates have nothing new to offer except Trump. Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, and the rest are all spouting the same rhetoric and pablum the public has heard a thousand times already. They don’t have any innovative strategies and will use any opportunity to invoke the name of Ronald Reagan in hopes of stirring up nostalgic sympathy.

The GOP can’t afford anymore embarrassing mistakes between now and the 2016 election. They know they’re walking on eggshells as it is. At present, history has shown them to be in bed with so many levels of corruption and crime, that they really have no redeeming value whatsoever. Their lust for money and control, vindictiveness, hostility, are so blatant that anyone even remotely subscribing to their philosophies and agendas is either delusional or in compliance. They’ve blocked legislation out of sheer spite and racism, lied to government, expended immense amounts of resources in wild witch hunts like that against Hillary Clinton and Benghazi, still sidestepping the ridiculous Iraq war and WMDs, and single handedly almost bankrupting the county. They’ve got no ground to go on regarding any credibility ethics-wise whatsoever.

That being said, their damage control is now focused on bells and whistles that Donald Trump is all too expert at bringing to the table. He’s got momentum along with Dr. Ben Carson who is gaining at the GOP polls and has uttered one idiotic comment after another. Carson may have the growing popularity because he focuses on the evangelical public and is the GOP’s resident black guy, but there’s no way the GOP is going to endorse him fully and no way he’d win the overall election.

So Trump is the obvious hope for the GOP, but it’s still a long way until election day and lots of time for him to put his foot in his mouth one last time.