Hackers attempt to access voter databases, according to FBI

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fbi director james comey

Several intrusions into the voter registration databases were attempted by hackers lately, FBI director James Comey said this Wednesday, warning state authorities to secure their systems, as many other attacks in the future shouldn’t be ignored.

“There have been a variety of scanning activities, which is a preamble for potential intrusion activities as well as some attempted intrusions at voter database registrations beyond those we knew about in July and August,” Comey said while testifying before the House Judiciary Committee, according to CNN.

Such hacking attempts must be avoided at all costs

The FBI director also talked about the warning the Bureau sent in June, after the successful intrusions into voter registration databases from Illinois and Arizona. He mentioned that despite hackers accessing them, no information was changer, nor voting systems were put at risk.

“We are urging the states just to make sure that their deadbolts are thrown and their locks are on and to get the best information they can from (the Department of Homeland Security) just to make sure their systems are secure,” Comey mentioned. “Because there’s no doubt that some bad actors have been poking around.”

Are Russian hacker the biggest threat?

The hacking attempts have been closely watched by the FBI, as it’s believed that Russian hackers are behind them, after they also managed to hack Democratic National Committee computers, as well as FBI’s system.

However, even though the previous hack managed to shut down the voter registration system for a whole week, no state or country system was compromised.

Finally, on Tuesday, Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson declared that 18 states have requested cyberassistance until date, from the department for voting systems.