Hard News Gets Its Teeth Kicked In


Hard News Gets Its Teeth Kicked In

According to a study from the Brookings Institution, hard news is going the way of the dinosaur in lieu of more opinion based news.
This is just one factor in a downward spiral regarding traditional journalism and it all started with the expansion of the Rupert Murdoch empire during the early 80s.

Murdoch introduced more gossip magazines and newspapers and expanded to broadcast. This kind of slipshod journalism rewarded opinion and celebrity gossip to the point that the public couldn’t tell the difference between hard news that espoused journalistic ethics and tabloid journalism that emphasized unsubstantiated references and ad hominem attacks against anyone who got into the public spotlight.

Add to that the real death knell, the rise of the internet, and you have the recipe of why the public isn’t getting hard news anymore. The mainstream news media was slow on the draw to embrace the internet in the 90s and early 00s. They chastised the web as a fad or beneath their interests but soon got caught with their guard down as independent news sources brought stories that not only the public was hungry for, but often did a better job at it than the mainstream.

This Brookings Institution report should not surprise anyone. The saving grace is that today’s youth are aware of how the game is played and that most mainstrema news is owned and manipulated by the elite who want to control the information the public sees so as to better mold their opinions. Blogs and other such sites have often scooped the big news outlets and a one man operation can run a vibrant video and radio news outlet from a smartphone and get substantial revenue from advertising and subscriptions.

Fox News is the prime example of opinionated news. Often devoid of factual data, the network is often chastised for lacking any sense of objectivity. They hire beautiful women and handsome men to deliver their news and care not whom they harm. It’s all about control and money now from the big media outlets and you’ll not see the federal government getting involved. That’s because of a concern over 1st Amendment rights and retaliation. These tabloid based news outlets get so much dirt on government that they would need the Atlantic Ocean to wash it all off and government knows it.

There are no federal laws regarding honesty in journalism especially if its from a corporation. They’re not bound by law to be accurate, just not to engage in libel.

The public will be the final judge in the long run. They’ve rapidly come to realize what is news and what isn’t thanks to social networking exposing bogus stories. Until then, we’ll all just have to suffer through the nonsense.

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Greg Boone, a native New Yorker, has worked for such companies such as the Gannet News Service, TimeWarner, America Online to name a few. Boone also works in the field of regenerative medicine, covering the frontiers of stem cell research and treatments for the past 10 years.