Has Tim Kaine forgotten about Bill Clinton’s past?

bill clinton and tim kaine

After being nominated by Hillary Clinton as her running mate, Virginia Senator Tim Kaine is apparently downplaying the comments he made in the past regarding her husband’s sexual misconduct.

Things were a bit different 14 years ago

According to Politico, back in 2002, the potential VP, said that he had some “feelings of disappointment”, comparing the former president’s famous affair with Monica Lewinsky to an unrelated Virginia legislator’s sex scandal.

“But you know, that’s now 20 years old. And when I’m talking to people on the campaign trail, they’re not asking me about old controversies,” Time Kaine said this Wednesday, while campaigning in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

“They’re asking me about tomorrow. What are we going to do tomorrow to have an economy that works for people, to have a stronger security posture through stronger alliances. And I hear a lot, what are we going to do to make sure we have a community that respects all.”

As a conclusion, Kaine added that “past controversies aren’t important” for him in this very moment, trying to let everybody know that he’s solely focusing on helping Hillary Clinton winning the spot in the Oval Office.

Kaine doesn’t regret making such declarations

On the other side, in an interview for Iowa-based TV station KWWL, Tim Kaine declared that his criticism of Bill Clinton, a fact that recently resurfaced, “was not inaccurate, that’s true”, also adding that he didn’t agree with the impeachment process against Clinton.

Donald Trump hasn’t made any comments regarding this situation yet, but we’re looking forward to what he’s going to say regarding Mr. Kaine’s past critics of Hillary’s ‘secret weapon’, her husband.