Heritage Foundation marks it favourite Republican presidential candidate

heritage foundation

Heritage Foundation is an important player when it comes to U.S. public policy making. It recently released a detailed assessment of the 2016 Republican presidential field and one nominee stood out with near-perfect grades: Ted Cruz, says Politico.

A lot of positive feedback for Senator Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz was praised by Heritage Foundation on his stances in the 50-page 2016 presidential policy scorecard, the first of its kind produced by Heritage Action, according to the the same source. Six categories are used to grade a candidate and Cruz ace them all: growth, opportunity, civil society, limited government, favoritism and national security. Of course, other presidential candidates didn’t received the same “kind” words from Heritage Foundation as Cruz did.

Jeb Bush is accused of having “kowtowed to the state’s environmental lobby” in Florida. Chris Christie presumably “has shown favoritism toward well-connected real estate developers.”, while Rand Paul’s “views at times veer outside the conservative mainstream.”And if you’d think the Republican party front-stage candidate Donald Trump got away, you’re wrong. Heritage Foundation is convinced that he backs “massive tariffs that would damage the American economy.” The only criticize Cruz received is that he follows “sound policies advanced by others” rather than assamble his own.

No plans of supporting a candidate, but their opinion matters a lot!

Heritage Foundation and Heritage Action have become increasingly aggressive since former South Carolina Sen. Jim DeMint resigned to take over the foundation in late 2012, says Politico. Although they don’t plan to support someone in particular in the presidential race, Heritage Foundation and Heritage Action have a strong word to say in politics.

“Americans are looking for a president who can speak to the real anxieties they’re facing, not simply manage the status quo in Washington,” stated Heritage Action CEO Michael A. Needham, according to the same source.